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DVR Questions

Users can create up to 20 advanced schedules. The settings of schedule with the highest number will be implemented over the settings of a lower number schedule where both schedules include the same camera for the same day and range (time).

By default, it is left blank, no password.

Check and replace batteries, If batteries are OK, check the System ID number on your DVR. (Refer to User Manual for DVR System ID)

Yes, the DVR will record audio on certain RJ12 ports (channels), depending on your model number (refer to your owner’s manual for specifics). Some states do not allow audio recording, make sure to check with your local authorities before recording audio.

It depends on your DVR recording setup (Standard, High, Very High), hard drive capacity, and whether the DVR Is set to record continuously or by motion event. Please check the storage calculator for more information.

Yes, REVO offers many upgrade options all the way up to 4TB. We even offer free installation on all hard drive purchases, and please remember that doing it yourself will void the DVR’s warranty.

Yes, but you must make sure the external hard drive isn’t larger then 2tb and that it is formatted with FAT16 OR FAT32.

Yes, so long as the TV has a VGA input, composite video input, or is internet ready. The composite cable must be plugged into the BNC “video out” plug on the back of the DVR (Only VGA or BNC Video Out will work at a time). Or you can connect your TV remotely to your DVR through your network.

Camera Questions

Yes, the 16 channel DVR has 8 BNC ports to accommodate extra BNC cameras. The 4 and 8 Channel DVR can use BNC cameras with a BNC to RJ12 adapter. (see accessories for more detail)

Yes, the DVR is compatible with most PTZ cameras with RS-485 serial port protocol.

No, the outdoors cameras are rated IP66 weather resistant. We suggest they be mounted under an overhang for longevity and proper functionality.

No, REVO uses proprietary cables. They are double shielded and manufactured to our own specifications.

6 pin but only four are used

In the most difficult lighting conditions, REVO Elite cameras equipped with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) processing technology, provide the highest performance of backlight compensation.

Revo America Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

REVO Elite cameras with this function neutralize excess bright spots to balance the light level. This will capture properly exposed images even in the face of bright light sources such as car headlights. The end result produces a clear and vivid picture.

Revo America Excessive High Light Compensation (EHLC)

Under the strong backlight condition or in front of bright headlamps of automobiles, when it is difficult to make out objects, REVO Elite cameras with this function automatically mask bright spots in the picture. The end result is to balance the light level for the ease of capturing tricky images.

Revo America Intelligent BLC

When any object disappears or is removed from a specific area, REVO Elite cameras equipped with this unique video analytic technology, can activate an alarm signal.

Revo America Alarm in Video Analytics

De-Interlace Technology reduces motion blur while displaying moving objects. Available on some REVO Elite Cameras.

Revo America De-Interlace Technology

Network Questions

The relay service means that the remote watch port of 8016 will need to be forwarded again in the router or modem device. This could have change or reset due to a power outage or a modem/router change.

If you have change providers and received a new modem/router, you will need to open the ports 8200,8016,10019, and 12088 inside the port forwarding section of the router/modem and forward them to the ip address of the Dvr.

You will need to first make sure that you aren’t using an internal ip address , as your connection address, preferably, you want to use the Dvrname that you gave to your Dvr . You also want to make sure that the 8016 port has been forwarded through your router’s firewall. You may need to refer to a port forwarding guide to open that port.

No, you will not be able to connect your DVR to your network. It will still work CCTV.

No, REVO offers free DVRNS that keeps track of your Dynamic IP address.

DVRNS is the DVR Name System that REVO provides for customers to use, it lets you access the DVR remotely with an easier to remember custom name instead of an IP address.

Port Forwarding should be done on the following TCP Ports: 8016, 8116, 8200, 10019, 12088.

The DVR needs at least 320Kbps upstream speed to view 1 camera at 10ips/standard quality.

No, you must plug a ethernet cable into the DVR.

REVO Connect only works on Internet Explorer 7 or greater.

Yes, by downloading the free REVO REMOTE for MAC app in the MAC App Store. You will then be able to monitor your system via this app.

Yes, the free REVO Mobile app is available for the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and for Android based phones/tablets/Kindles. It not only allows you to view your system, but search recorded video, monitor audio and control PTZ cameras. A viewing app is available on Blackberry. Most other smartphones can use their internet browser to view your system.

Port Forwarding should be done on the following TCP Ports: 8016, 8116, 8200, 10019, 12088. For DVR model numbers that end in “DVR3″, TCP Port 554 also needs to be opened.

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