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We hope that the below guides will help you with any issues that you find during the installation and operation of your Revo Surveillance products. If your question is not fully answered, please check our FAQ or give us a call at (866)625-7386 and we will be happy to start a support session to get you going. Thank you for choosing Revo America!

Revo America Knowledge Base and How-To's

Network Questions

The relay service means that the remote watch port of 8016 will need to be forwarded again in the router or modem device. This could have change or reset due to a power outage or a modem/router change.

How to Save a Video Clip

If you have change providers and received a new modem/router, you will need to open the ports 8200,8016,10019, and 12088 inside the port forwarding section of the router/modem and forward them to the ip address of the Dvr.

BNC Connection to Revo DVR

You will need to first make sure that you aren’t using an internal ip address , as your connection address, preferably, you want to use the Dvrname that you gave to your Dvr . You also want to make sure that the 8016 port has been forwarded through your router’s firewall. You may need to refer to a port forwarding guide to open that port.

BNC Connection for Revo Cameras

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