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Networking your Revo DVR is a breeze with our Easy Networking Wizard. Click on the steps below to see the full descriptions and follow the directions on screen during setup. If you run into any issues please give us a call at (866)625-7386 and we will be happy to start a support session to get you going. Thank you for choosing Revo America!

Revo America Networking Guide

Make sure that you have powered up your Dvr with the correct power supplies and connected a monitor, so that you can see the options on a screen.

Ensure that you have a cat5 or a cat 6 cable connected to the Dvr in the LAN or network port of the Dvr, and that the other side of that cable is plugged into your modem or router.

Once all hardware is attached, then you want to complete the network setup wizard of the Dvr, by going to setup and network setup on the Dvr in the advanced settings of the Revo machine. (Note: if your unit doesn’t have a network setup wizard, then you want to go directly to the network configuration screens under the advanced setup).

The wizard will allow you to setup your ip address on auto or manual configuration. The auto configuration will allow your network to assign the Dvr an ip address and the manual configuration will allow you to manually input an ip address in there based off of your network’s configuration.

On manual configuration to properly program the Dvr unit, you will want to make sure that you get a computer connected to the same router/modem device as the Dvr and then pull up the command prompt, by going to start and run and type in CMD to pull up your command screen and type in “IPCONFIG” to get the read out of your network. You will use the default gateway base the programming of your Dvr. Another key note is that the Dvr’s ip address and the computer’s ip address can’t be the same. No two devices can share the same internal ip address on a network. The Dvr’s gateway and default gateway will always be the same. If you have a Mac computer you can pull up the command screen by going to network utility. You can click on Net stat and select display routing table information.

After your programing has been complete the next key thing is to make sure the port forwarding is complete. (Note: if you receive a message in the setup of the Dvr wizard, that reads Upnp isn’t supported that manual port forwarding will need to be completed). Then you will need to login into your router and allow ports: 8200, 8016, 10019, and 12088 through your routers firewall.

To get into your router, you will open an internet browser and type in your default gateway address and that should allow you into your router. (Note: you can visit www.portforward.com and view port forwarding guides for your router.

You will forward the ports to the ip address of the Dvr. You can verify the ports came open by going to a port forwarding tester site such as: yougetsignal.com, whatsmyIP, or IPfingerprints. You will enter each port number individually and click test or check to see if they say open.

If all is complete and ports are open, then you can setup your mobile applications, or you can visit the www.revodvr.com/dvrname (the unique name that you gave to your Dvr) or you can go to The Dashboard. These will allow you login and view your system.

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