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Power Supply

    • 12V Power Adapter(2000 Milliamps)

  1. 4 Channel 12V Power Supply



      4 Channel 12V Power Supply

    • RJ12 to BNC Conversion Adapter with Audio Pass Through

    • A complete kit for making a BNC Camera work on a REVO RJ12 port, or vice versa.

  2. 500mA 12VDC Power Supply



      The REVO R12VPWRSUP easily supplies power to your surveillance cameras.

  3. 2 Channel 12V Power Supply



    • 12V
    • 1.25A
    • 1-to-2 Splitter
    • 2.1mm Connector
    • Sleek design, uses only one outlet space

  4. 9 Channel 12V Power Supply



    • 12VDC
    • 10A Max Total
    • 9 PTC Protected Outputs
    • Convenient Screw Terminal
    • 9 LED Power Indicators
    • Electronically Filtered and Regulated Power

Power Supply

Never let your extra eyes tire out!

The power supply makes it a no-sweat task to power your cameras. It ensures to deliver constant and ample amount of current to keep your cameras always up and running. No need to get alarmed even when the power demands are high.