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Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless cameras for effortless installation!

The first thing that pops up on your mind when you’re about to get a security camera is ‘WHERE to install them’? Do not worry anymore as wireless cameras proffer you with an adaptive installation. These cameras can be installed on any wall, ceiling or surface without getting anxious about the power and video connections.

Most of Revo Wireless Cameras can be set for motion enabled recording, scheduled recording, and pre-event recording. Checkout our selection of wireless security cameras; along with HD security cameras, Indoor security cameras, and more; to start monitoring your world today!

    • 720p HD Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Camera (1)
    • Wireless HD Receiver (1)
    • Camera Power Adapter (1)
    • Receiver Power Adapter (1)
    • 100ft Night Vision Distance
    • IP 66 Weather Resistant
    • 165ft indoor Range
    • Convenient Signal Strength Indicator
    • 2.1 Megapixel Battery operated Cameras with 50’ Night Vision (1)
    • Pre-installed 32GB Micro SD Card (Support up to 128GB)
    • Built-in Speaker and Microphone
    • Built-in PIR for more accurate motion detection
    • Up to 500 ft Outdoor Wireless Range
    • Two-Step Smartphone View Setup – iPhone and Android
    • Revowireless.com - Access your system from the IE browser
    • 1080p Bullet Camera
    • 100’ Night Vision Distance
    • 3.6mm fixed lens
    • W-Fi Technology
    • Up to 500 Ft Outdoor Wireless Range