Ultra HD 16 Ch. 4TB NVR Best Security System with 16 4MP Security Cameras
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Ultra HD 16 Ch. 4TB NVR Best Security System with 16 4MP Security Cameras
$1999.99$1399.9930% off
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Ultra HD 16 Ch. 4TB NVR Best Security System with 16 4MP Security Cameras

SKU: RU162T4GB12G-4T

UPC: 812237010468

$1,399.99 $1,999.99

30% Off

2 Years Free Warranty

  • 16 Ch. 4K H.265 IP NVR with built-in 16 RJ45 PoE Ports
  • 4MP Indoor/Outdoor IP Bullet Cameras (12)
  • 4MP Indoor/Outdoor IP Turret Cameras (4)
  • 4TB Video Surveillance Grade HDD
  • Hassle free software upgrade via Cloud
  • 4K Recording Capability
  • 4K Video Output compatible with 4K monitors
  • 100’ Cat 5e Cable (16)
  • - Access your NVR from virtually any IE browser.
  • Two-Step Smartphone View Setup – iPhone and Android.
  • Revo Ultra Remote Computer Software – View multiple units at once

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With incredible video quality, ease of use, and powerful networking tools, Revo Ultra is the very best that Revo has to offer. Its unique design complements any home or business. The Revo Ultra's superb video quality is based on IP technology. The RU162T4GB12G-4T is a complete, plug and play HD surveillance system with 16 channel NVR, 4TB and 16x Four Megapixel HD Indoor/Outdoor cameras. The REVO ULTRA NVR is powerful featuring state of the art H.265 Compression and 4K video output. Revo Ultra cameras features optical grade, IR anti reflection glass, massive 4 Megapixel Sensors, double the resolution of standard 1080p. They also come equipped with Smart commercial grade “OSRAM” LEDs. They strongly and evenly illuminate the scene up to an unprecedented 100' in total darkness. Night vision video quality is unmatched. The cameras are built for the outdoors, capable of handling temperatures as hot as 140F and as cold as -31F. S.M.A.R.T. technology enables the system to monitor its own health and alert the user of any malfunction. The polished look and intuitive feel of the Ultra's interface is a joy for everyday use whether you're using the NVR itself, the Mobile App, Computer Software or Browser. Setup is a snap with PoE and Cat 5e cable. One cable carries everything between the Revo Ultra camera and NVR.



H.265 Compression

Compared with H. 264, the greatest strength of H. 265 is that it has a higher compression ratio, which can be discerned from its name. H.265 is also called HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), and the primary use is to further reduce the design flow rate, in order to lower the cost of storage and transmission.

compression graph

Smart Alert

  • water resistant
  • Thermostable
    Face Detection
  • cold resistant
    People Counting
  • Anti-dust
    Intrusion Detection

Intelligent Features will notify the user via alarms and email notification, to ensure a peace of mind no matter where you are "Search recorded video using intelligent Video Camera Analytic (VCA) functions: Human Behavior (line crossing, intrusion), Human Face, and People Counting events can be detected by the NVR."

Set your schedule

Start using your camera right away with our super simple setup process.

Cloud Software Upgrade

The REVO system keeps getting smarter with every software update. New features gets added. The system you buy today will be even better tomorrow. The diagnostic interface maintains the health of your system and will notify the user when a new update is available.


Revo cameras, featured with long range night vision, let you view every single detail even at the midnight! Smart IR arrays and auto infrared cut filter provide optimum illumination and contrast with the surroundings to impart maximum quality in the video footage.

Easy Set Up

Setting up Revo security cameras is as easy as 1-2-3! Every security camera is connected to the NVR’s PoE (power over ethernet) ports via Cat 5e cable. All you need to do is install your cameras in the required area and feed the cable to the NVR!

easy setup
Original Image 4MP
Modified Image 1080P

4MP Camera Resolution

Monitoring your premises in 4-megapixel resolution leaves nothing to question. Identify vital details such as facial features or vehicle number plates in crystal like clarity. These details are crucial for investigating ambiguous events.

4k dvr

Our Video RecorderSupports upto 4K

This DVR is a powerhouse. It is capable of recording smooth 4K video in real-time (30 frames per second) on all sixteen channels. A higher resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels compared to 1920 x 1080) will not only provide you with a new level detail, it will allow you digitally zoom further into the distance without drastically reducing image quality.

Revo Ultra Mobile App

Access Your World Anytime, Anywhere

Take advantage of Revo smartphone app to access your cameras and video recorders from anywhere in the world. Using this app, you can view all your cameras, access notifications instantly, adjust settings, set alarms and check motion events.

  • ...
  • ...
mobile app

myrevocloud.comBrowser Login

Revo cameras come with breakthrough remote access!

With the help of browser login, you can securely view live footage, record video and adjust camera settings from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • ...
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  1. ...

    5 star product

    Posted on

    The remote monitoring feature really comes in handy as I have to travel a lot because of work. I have installed it in my home and thinking of using Revo systems for my office as well.
    loved the most
    •  Great customer support
    •  Hassle-free Installation
    •  Good Image Quality
    •  Detail Manual
  2. ...

    Great system very happy

    Posted on

    We bought this unit because we had some stuff stolen off of our business property. After some procrastinating I finally installed the system. I already have knowledge running cables and making up Cat5 wires so the install was not too difficult. It will depend on your property and your level of expertise.
    We opted for a 16 port NVR so we can add to it later if we want. The 8, 4 MP cameras provide enough detail to capture license plates and good quality video. We actually got video of some guys stealing a few weeks ago. The police were impressed with the video. When we showed the police the video they were able to recognize the guy right away. Being able to show them the cars license plate was a bonus.
    These cameras are good. I kind of wished I would have opted for the varifocus model. The video does get pixilated as you use the zoom feature on the NVR software.
    Set up was fairly easy, I was able to figure out most of the software and settings with out help. The few things I needed assistance with I googled and found answers. I think playback of material is pretty easy to run through. The motion detection is pretty sensitive. I have tried turning down but still goes off due to leaves or bugs. But thats ok the DVR holds about 2 to 3 months of footage so its good. About the only thing I would complain about is that I have 1 camera that the video flutters sometimes. It could be that I ran the Cat5 wire too close to a power source or have a bad connector on it. I have not tried switching it with another camera yet. Im going to assume this is something that I did wrong until I find out different.
    So in short great price on a great system. I am pleased.
    loved the most
    •  Great customer support
    •  Hassle-free Installation
    •  Good Image Quality
    •  Detail Manual
  3. ...

    Easiest setup out there

    Posted on

    I purchased this system a few weeks ago. Wasn't sure how easy it would be to set up with my existing POE switch. Mounted the cameras and plugged them in. Came in to get everything set up. Turned the system on and once it booted. All the cameras came up on the screen. There was no setup really. Just rearranged them in the order I wanted them on the screen. Set the motion detection and a few other personal preferences and I was up and running in a matter of minutes. Very user friendly interface and much better resolution than my old system. Remote viewing is also excellent.
    loved the most
    •  Great customer support
    •  Hassle-free Installation
    •  Good Image Quality
    •  Detail Manual
  4. ...


    Posted on

    Very good system. Kudo's to the designers. Software instructions are a bit lacking, but patience prevails. Hope it lasts!
    loved the most
    •  Great customer support
    •  Hassle-free Installation
    •  Good Image Quality
    •  Detail Manual
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