ULTRA Hybrid 16 CH DVR with 8 TB
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ULTRA Hybrid 16 CH DVR with 8 TB
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ULTRA Hybrid 16 CH DVR with 8 TB



  • Revo Hybrid HD DVR 16 Channel with 8TB Hard Drive (1)
  • 2 SATA supports up to 20 TB of Storage
  • Supports up to 24 cameras (16 Analog and 8 IP)
  • Hybrid Functionality provides ultimate versatility and makes the recover compatible with both Analog HD and IP cameras
  • H.265 Advanced Codec
  • 2-Step Software update through the cloud
  • Access your DVR from anywhere at any time via REVO ULTRA APP, and REVO ULTRA REMOTE Software
  • Compatible with PC & MAC 
  • Dimensions= 10.2inches X 8.9inches X 1.8inches

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With incredible video quality, ease of use, and powerful networking tools, The Revo ULTRA HYBRID unique design complements any home or business Combining High Definition video quality with the convenience of Hybrid Technology, Revo ULTRA Hybrid is the best value in HD Surveillance. The 16CH Hybrid DVR comes with a built-in 5 Megapixel Powerful processor to ensure outstanding video quality. The RUH16DVR1 can support up to 16 Analog HD Cameras and 8x IP Cameras for a total of 24 cameras offering ultimate versatility and making the recorder compatible with both Analog and IP cameras.The Hybrid DVR is backwards compatible with Analog legacy cameras (TVL cameras) making it easy in case you want to keep some your existing analog cameras and add couple high definition cameras to your application.This recorder supports H.265 Advanced Codec which allows the recorder to perform better in areas with lower network speeds and records 3 times longer than normal on the same size HDD. Securely view your Revo Hybrid system from virtually anywhere. website, REVO ULTRA Software and Revo ULTRA Smartphone app allows you to access your REVO system. Take advantage of Full-HD resolution, with the convenience and simplicity of Analog.



H.265 Compression

Compared with H. 264, the greatest strength of H. 265 is that it has a higher compression ratio, which can be discerned from its name. H.265 is also called HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), and the primary use is to further reduce the design flow rate, in order to lower the cost of storage and transmission.

compression graph

Smart Alert

  • water resistant
  • Thermostable
    Face Detection
  • cold resistant
    People Counting
  • Anti-dust
    Intrusion Detection

Intelligent Features will notify the user via alarms and email notification, to ensure a peace of mind no matter where you are "Search recorded video using intelligent Video Camera Analytic (VCA) functions: Human Behavior (line crossing, intrusion), Human Face, and People Counting events can be detected by the NVR."

Set your schedule

Start using your camera right away with our super simple setup process.

Cloud Software Upgrade

The REVO system keeps getting smarter with every software update. New features gets added. The system you buy today will be even better tomorrow. The diagnostic interface maintains the health of your system and will notify the user when a new update is available.

Easy Set Up

Setting up Revo security cameras is as easy as 1-2-3! Every security camera is connected to the NVR’s PoE (power over ethernet) ports via Cat 5e cable. All you need to do is install your cameras in the required area and feed the cable to the NVR!

easy setup
5mp dvr

Our Video RecorderSupports upto 5MP

This DVR is a powerhouse. It is capable of recording smooth 4K video in real-time (30 frames per second) on all sixteen channels. When utilized with a 4K security camera, this NVR ensures the highest level of clarity in your recordings. A higher resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels compared to 1920 x 1080) will not only provide you with a new level detail, it will allow you digitally zoom further into the distance without drastically reducing image quality.

Revo Ultra Mobile App

Access Your World Anytime, Anywhere

Take advantage of Revo smartphone app to access your cameras and video recorders from anywhere in the world. Using this app, you can view all your cameras, access notifications instantly, adjust settings, set alarms and check motion events.

  • ...
  • ...
mobile app

myrevocloud.comBrowser Login

Revo cameras come with breakthrough remote access!

With the help of browser login, you can securely view live footage, record video and adjust camera settings from virtually anywhere in the world.

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